titan ankle support brace
ankle support with aluminium splints
Sports and outdoor ankle injuries
Adjustable ankle support with velcro straps and 2 x splints

Titan Ankle Support Brace

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Ankle Support Splint

Aids and speeds up the healing process for sprained and injured ankles

  • Breathable comfortable neoprene
  • Two profiled aluminium splints
  • Fully adjustable Velcro straps
  • Unisex for men and women
  • One size fits all
  • Extra-long for more support up the leg
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Key benefits

  • Universal Fit
  •  Hand washable,
  •  Latex-free,
  •  All-day comfort,
  •  Designed through means of a podiatrist.
  • Suitable for many activities;
  •  Sports Activities such as football, basketball, jogging etc,
  •  For walking intensively,
  •  Jobs that involve lots of stairs,
  •  Jobs that require you to be stood up at long periods of time.

Do you play sports activities often and suffer from injuries within the ankle area? Or perhaps you have arthritis within the ankle area?

Well, no need to worry no more Titan support wear has your back. We have designed this ankle support brace that is perfect for them sprains, fractures, arthritis pains or even just looking to enhance your ergonomic positioning to prevent further joint issues within this area for the future.

This ankle support brace is made from neoprene which is acknowledged to be a breathable fabric so you can put on it whilst doing sporting activities or even at home at the same time as you get your everyday tasks completed. Neoprene is additionally acknowledged for being a rather stretchy fabric therefore it can wrap around your ankle completely in order to maintain its structure and target the right locations for an easy recovery.

This approves confined mobility of the foot and conforms to the ankle. However, because it has Velcro fasteners you can alter tightness. We recognize that some aid mechanisms can motive the pained location to be irritable which is why we permit you to regulate to your measurement and to assist loosen around swollen areas.

The brace is also lined with two profiled aluminium splints which are longer then most other ankle support braces are on average. This provides greater help to the legs which helps to take added stress off the ankle. You can additionally remove the splints if you desire a less excessive recovery.

Reasons you may need ankle support ;

 Braces are extremely good for warding off an injury within the first place. Numerous people expect that they’re solely beneficial if you have bought or sustained an injury already, however more individuals are starting to latch on to the truth that they aid in stopping any illnesses within the first place, consequently can also be worn earlier than any signs and symptoms of an upcoming problem.

If you have already suffered an injury then carrying a brace may be an appropriate idea for avoiding a re-occurrence or there may be already a weak point from a previous incident inside the area. Ankles are one in all the worst areas for repeat accidents and issues, that is one of the motives we added this product inside the first place.

One of the main advantages we are to mention is the pain issue, rolling your ankle, tearing ligaments or hurting yourself is very painful, and additionally, the extra support that a brace brings will facilitate to tackle this, and mean you'll be able to get on along with your sport or exercise while not having to worry about the ache or the very fact that you simply might undergo the pain once more, typically the pure worry of what might happen is enough to stifle performance, and pain never helps, however as luck would have it you don’t need to worry with the Titan Ankle Support Brace at your fingertips!!

When you injure your ankle or take part in an activity that requires fast-paced weight changes, greater help can make sure your ankle stays protected.

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If you want to enquire about titan's ankle supports wholesale there is only the option for up to 20 of the product which can be selected from the option in the dropbox if you would like more than any of the option that can be selected of the product then please get in touch with us via email titanshopuk@gmail.com on the email please ensure you give us your full name or business name as well as your desired amount of the product and your phone number.