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 You're not going to end up in a long phone cue when you call us. Your email isn't going to be left on read, never to been seen or heard from again. At Support Wear, we provide the outstanding services we would hope to experience ourselves.

No matter you problem or enquiry it is not too big for us to solve. We can resolve your problems within a shorter amount of time if you can directly get in touch with us via phone or email or even on our live chat system.

A little more about us......
Titan support wear is a fairly new business. Titan Support wear has noticed how sporting activities have become popular over the years. realising this we wondered how many people end up with injuries or severe pains because of constant and repetitive pressure on ligament and muscles so to resolve this we're introducing you to this wide range of support wear to help recover and restore strength to your body whether that be from your ankle or back.

You can just give us a bell or an email and we can answer any question or inquiries you have.

If you require wholesale services, make sure to give us a ring or email as well.

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