Benefits of Wearing a Posture Corrector

If you’ve been considering buying a posture corrector, but need to know more, then read on.

Posture Corrector

It’s no secret that poor posture can lead to many issues including back pains and stiff muscles. Poor posture can go a lot further than that and can even affect the curvature of your spine. In worst case scenarios, it can even lead to scoliosis and eventually disintegration of the spinal bones.

a man with good posture and a man with bad posture

Let’s look first at what can cause the everyday pain that you can get from not standing up straight. The normal spine has some curve to it in the shape of a slight S. The vertebra bones are connected to muscle tissue, and cartilage discs are between them. Running from the back of your head to where your hips are, the spinal column provides a structure for the nerves to travel from your brain to your organs, limbs, etc.

A slight shift in the spinal curvature can affect the nerves and prevent them from operating optimally. Some of the nerves may get pinched, and this can also lead to issues. There might be numbness in your toes, and fingers in addition to poor heart function and headaches. Blood pressure can increase from needing to pump your blood up to your brain.

Correcting your posture can give relief from any of these problems. One of the best ways to address this to buy a posture corrector which will fit over your torso and hold your back in the correct position while you sit or stand.

Man Wearing Titan Posture Corrector

What is a posture corrector?

A posture corrector is a wearable elasticated strap that is designed to support you as you retrain your stance. It goes over the shoulders and guides you to stand up straight with your shoulders open.

The outcome means less stress on your body, and you will have less pain. Poor posture can cause many issues with joint and muscles pains. By catching yourself early, you can fix your posture before you reach the point of no return.

Working in an office usually means being slouched over a keyboard for hours and hours every day. It’s no surprise that this leads to developing a terrible posture.

The posture brace gets you back on track, and you should have less pain. Shoulders back and chest out is difficult to put into practice if you have to remind yourself constantly. With the posture corrector, you won’t need to remind yourself.

A rigid plate on the posture corrector is applied to your back. It will not allow you to slouch or hunch over. If you do hunch over, the brace will remind you to change your position.

Bad posture can be very serious, and it can even lead to scoliosis of the spine. Having a misaligned spine for years on end can even lead to fusion. The cartilage disks dissolve, and then you have spinal arthritis. This means years of agonising pain.

You may experience the following issues:

  1. Constricted blood vessels to the head resulting in severe headaches.
  2. Most nerves travel down the spine and can be affected when the spine is out of alignment.
  3. Acid reflux, hypertension and heart problems as blood vessels are constricted

If your posture is relatively mildly poor, then it might be that a posture brace is all that you need. In other cases, you may want to try to improve your posture though posture correcting exercises

How does a posture corrector work?

A posture corrector works by helping you to keep your head up straight and your shoulders back. Although it may seem to be a little uncomfortable when you first wear it, after a while, you will get accustomed to it.

After you’ve worn the posture correct for a while, you will also notice that back pain and headaches will disappear. Your blood pressure will decrease, and overall, you’ll be feeling so much better.

The veins leading to your head will be in a better position, and the blood flow will no longer be constricted. Your heart will be working normally and the blood flow to the brain will be better.

Surprisingly, wearing the back brace will even help with GERD, otherwise known as acid reflux.

Over time, poor posture will seriously affect your health. A posture corrector brace in addition to practising posture correction exercises can help with improving your health and giving you a more positive long-term outlook.

The fact is there. A posture corrector can address many health challenges caused by poor posture.

a women showing you how to wear a posture corrector

Here are the benefits in a nutshell.

  1. Better posture means less pain.

No more headaches or back pain. Who wants lower back pain from slouching in an office chair all day. It can make your back weak leading to slipped disks, dissolved disks and a disintegrating spine.

  1. Look far more attractive

Whether it’s fair or not, the better you look, the better people treat you. Leaf through a few photos of yourself. No doubt you prefer the ones when you have better posture. It makes you look younger and more confident. Nobody looks good when they’re hunched over.

  1. Better Digestive System

Slouching can impact your intestines. Whatever you consume will need to travel through ‘folded up’ tubes. Better posture unfolds them, and your digestion will improve.

  1. Be Happier

Who would have thought that the simple act of sitting up straight and smiling can change your life? It works by informing your brain that you’re happy and it’s a cycle that can feed positively into itself.

  1. Less Stress

If you don’t sit up straight or stand straight, it can impact your ability to breath. Each breath is shallow and therefore not giving you the oxygen you need to feed your muscles. Harvard University discovered in a posture related research project that those who stand and sit property have more testosterone and less cortisol stress hormone.

You don’t need to remember to have a good posture with a corrector brace. It will help you to stay in the right position so that you can enjoy all these benefits of a good posture.

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