Better Posture with a Shoulder Support

A shoulder support can provide you with the guidance required for a better posture.

Shoulder Support

It’s surprising how many people hop onto Google and type in a search for ‘shoulder support’, ‘posture brace’ or ‘posture corrector’. The number of people doing so signifies how many people are looking to find ways to correct their posture and it’s increasing every day.

 The trouble is with today’s society is that we are generally far less active than we used to be. The number of people who perform physical tasks is decreasing. There are far fewer farmers than there used to be and far more office workers.

 Although technology has some wonderful uses, it’s very limited in its capacity to keep us fit. Of course, there are apps to monitor and measure our movements. However, if we have an office job, it’s hard to ensure that we are getting the exercise that we need to support our muscles. Quite often we get ‘lost’ in what we’re doing and forget even to stand up, let alone stretch ourselves.

 Most of us don’t have an active and physical career. Even if we work in retail, there’s a lot of standing involved. It’s this lack of exercise that is contributing to poor posture across the nation. Those who work in offices are faced with the biggest challenge and can be found slumped over their desks for most of the day.

women with shoulder pain


Use a shoulder support for posture improvement

 Fortunately, there are now aids such as shoulder supports that can help to improve posture. Even those of us who are hunched over the computer all day can re-train ourselves to stand and sit better.

 The trouble with poor posture is that it goes deeper than mere aesthetics. It can put your organs and your bones into positions that are not helpful to our bodies or wellness. Being slouched over can fold up your intestines and give a curve to your spine. You can suffer from slow digestion and even develop scoliosis.

 Using a shoulder support can help you to retrain yourself. For healthy posture, the shoulders should be open and the chest open. Being hunched over a computer is the reverse of this. The shoulders get rounded, and the chest becomes concave.

The shoulder support reminds you that you need to open your shoulders and bring up your chest. There is a metal plate on the back that will feel uncomfortable every time you forget yourself. You’ll be reminded, and you can then reset your position.


 Wear your shoulder support for just 20 minutes a day

 Surprisingly, you can begin your journey towards better posture easily. By wearing the shoulder support for just twenty minutes a day, you can remind yourself how you should be positioning yourself.

 After a few days, you can then wear the shoulder support twice a day for twenty minutes. Your muscles will be reintroduced to the position that they should be in for you to stand straight and tall.

 After a couple of weeks, you can increase the time you’re wearing the brace to up to five times a day. Again, it will be for just twenty minutes.

 The reason that you won’t need to wear your shoulder support for more time than this is that you don’t want to become reliant upon it.


Benefits of wearing a shoulder support

 Posture is more than just how we sit or stand. It’s how we position our bodies when we need to perform different tasks and actions. It changes as we attend to the different tasks throughout our day.

man with shoulder pain

 Here are what you can gain from using good posture:

 1. Improve your breathing

 With the application of a better posture, it’s easier for the chest to expand when you breathe in. You’ll also enjoy greater lung capacity and more oxygen can reach your body. The diaphragm is the muscle that is used for breathing. Giving the diaphragm more space to move up and out when you inhale allows your body access to more oxygen.

2. Improve flexibility of muscles and joints

 Holding good posture means our muscles have more balance. It also means using less pain each day to enjoy the wonderful experience of being alive. If your body is in misalignment, the tissues and the muscles will become shortened and therefore it’s more likely for you to be injured. Even a pulled muscle can impact your enjoyment in life.

 Another negative outcome from not holding the right posture is wear and tear to hips, legs, feet, back and the neck. With a balanced posture, you can enjoy optimal joint motion.

 3. Helps digestion

 In the same way that we can breath better with a healthy posture, it can also improve our digestion. Enveloping our lower digestive organs is a connective tissue known as the fascia. The fascia and muscle can become tight if placed in the sitting position for long periods. By improving posture and ensuring healthy eating habits, digestion can be improved.

 4. Better circulation

 Blood doesn’t just carry nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of the body, but it also helps with cleansing. Stiff and painful muscles are most probably not receiving good circulation. Simple acts such as crossing the legs can be very detrimental to good blood circulation. Sitting on an office chair with the legs folded up underneath your body can have a terrible effect on blood circulation. Posture awareness can improve how your body distributes blood.

 5. How people react to us

 Better opportunities come to those with better postures. Not only will you have more energy when you’re at work as you’ll have better breathing, digestion and blood circulation, but people will react better to you.

 Many people hold themselves in a posture that is slightly bent up. Their head is tipping forward, their shoulders rounded. The weight of the body is passing through the outside of the legs – as opposed to through the middle. All this takes extra energy and can tire us more easily.

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