5 Benefits of a Wrist Support Brace

There are many benefits of wearing a wrist support brace which can help to improve all sorts of conditions form carpal tunnel syndrome to arthritis read on to find out how the benefits of wearing a wrist support brace can allow you to cure or cope with your conditions.

infograph on labelled wrist support brace

This Support Brace allows for full movement of the wrist

Because this wrist support brace has Velcro straps it allows for you to adjust them to straps fit the brace around your wrist comfortably. Which will allow for your wrist to move freely whilst wearing the support brace.

This support brace will allow you to use pens, pencils, knives, forks you name it you can still use it. Therefore, this will allow you to be able to still get through your daily tasks whilst allowing your wrists to heal at the same time.

Do not worry though, just because the brace allows for full movement of the wrist does not mean it won't heal it any slower. In fact from injuries like sprains or fractures moving and using your wrist will be key to stop inflammation within the wrist. First of all, it is recommended that you tighten the brace every time you get used to the pressure of it, to allow for improved healing at a quicker rate. The material, however, is still structured so you will be able to feel it working and strengthening your wrist. 

The wrist brace is fully adjustable

Firstly the wrist brace is structured with Velcro straps for size which are perfect for people with small, large or even average-sized hand. This is because you will be able to tighten or loosen the straps according to how you see fit. 

We recommend that you have it so it fits securely but not so tight you have restricted movement as being able to keep moving is key to less inflammation within the area. 

As well as the Velcro straps these braces also are made out of neoprene which is a breathable material. Not only breathable but neoprene also is a stretchy material and so can be stretched to fit your wrist and hands shape. Being stretchy, however, will not affect is structure because the neoprene is a material in which will go back to its original shape even after being stretched out.

This wrist support is breathable.

Using neoprene helps support the joint by compressing the entire wrist. The brace gets your hand and wrist back to sufficient strength as it supports full finger movement so you can perform recovery exercises.

Neoprene expels moisture, which makes it breathable. It also prevents dampness caused by trapped humid air between the material and your skin.

Neoprene also expels stale so that you can wear your wrist support brace comfortably for many hours. 

Below are some of the characteristics of neoprene masks that make them breathable;

Prevents dampness-Moisture build-up inside the support brace can be annoying to feel and the build-up is caused by the humid air trapped inside the localized space every time we sweat. 

Expels Stale Air-One of the best things about neoprene is its capacity to expel moisture. The fabric absorbs all the humidity inside the space of the support brace and the skin and provides an exit to that stale air. That stored moisture is pushed out of the brace when you breathe out.

Prevents moisture build-up- When moisture builds up, most supports quickly become damp and become uncomfortable. When this happens, people will tend to not where there support as much. 

 Which is why having neoprene will help to encourage you to where your wrist support often enough for it to make a difference. It also means you won't have to wash your wrist support brace as much either. 

The support brace is well structured.

We have all at some point in our lives been injured. While injuries can cause distress and pain, they also make completing even the simplest of daily tasks a challenge.

A wrist splint has a lightweight metal palmar bar running under the wrist and into the palmar crease, to prevent the wrist from bending.

A wrist splint is supported and held in the neutral position reducing the strain on the tendons. The wrist splint is excellent for conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, providing optimum support without pressing on the median nerve and aggravating symptoms.

Wearers of the splint experience a more restful sleep as the wrist is restrained from flexing, reducing pain and numbness.

These supports have a metal splint and gain their support through strong elasticated straps, which wrap around the wrist for suitable compression.

They allow for everyday activities to be completed

Wrist supports or guards can be worn during activities where full flexibility is required. From gardening to playing tennis, guards offer wearers full motion in the wrist plus dependable support.

images of wrists being used whilst typing, boxing, and cutting vegetables

Lifting heavy weights, training daily and playing many of sports can improve your strength, increase your fitness, build muscle and be very fun and healthy activities but can also be tough on your body. While your muscles are the motor for movement it is your joints that usually endure the brunt of your works and often end up giving signs of wear and tear as a result.

For such a small joint, your wrists can take a hammering when you exercise, especially in exercises like the bench press, overhead press and even the back squat. For some exercisers, this constant susceptibility to heavy or awkward loads can result in wrist pain.

Ideally, you should be able to keep your wrists fairly straight when you exercise so that your thumb is immediately in line with your forearm but while this position is optimal.

Years of forced hyperextension of your wrists, as you experience in heavy bench pressing, can cause injury to your wrist ligaments.

Needless to say, it pays to look after your wrists and wear a support.

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