Back To Life With A Back Brace

A back brace can help to improve your posture and support you.

Back Brace

If you’ve suffered from back pains, you’ll know exactly how debilitating it can be. Most people aren’t aware of how important their back is until it’s ‘out of service’.  The simplest of chores can become painful and very slow events.

With a back brace, not only can you help to alleviate symptoms, but you can soon be back on the road to fitness again. Whether you use it as support or a way to keep your back in alignment, it can help you to return to your everyday life.

Although many people may opt to wear a full back brace that has a hard shell, some opt for lighter support. The back brace also provides support when retraining yourself for better posture.

hard shell and normal Titan back brace

Do You Need a Back Brace?

Whether you have had bad posture for years, or it’s more of a recent occurrence, a back brace can help. It’s wise to address these issues quickly before they have a chance to become entrenched. The outcome would be bigger issues and more pain.

If you’re suffering from tense shoulders and headaches that are a result of bad posture, then it could be that a posture or back brace will help to resolve the issue. By undertaking stretches and exercises, you can help to strengthen your muscles to ensure you retain a better standing and sitting position.

 If you’ve had an accident and your poor posture is aggravating your condition, then a posture brace could help with the rehabilitation process. Using it may alleviate pressure on your spine. It will give you the support you need to heal without the pain.

Those who are suffering from a back or neck injury and are in the early days of recovery may also benefit from a back brace.

However, it’s not every case that can be helped by a brace. You will need to understand whether it’s an aid that will help or hinder your recovery. In some cases, becoming reliant on a back brace would not be beneficial to recovery.

In many cases, starting out using a brace for just a couple of hours a day each time, a couple of times a day could help. Your muscles will relearn the position they should be in and how they need to work.

Don’t wear the brace too much

Pain can occur when you over wear the posture brace. Although it may seem like it’s a good idea to wear the posture brace for long periods, it often doesn’t have a good outcome. The issue with wearing it too much is you could become reliant on it. This is the reason why we recommend that you wear it perhaps just twice a day for an hour or two each time.

Your muscles will receive guidance on the way should move and how your body needs to be positioned. Over time, you can build up to wearing it for five times a day, for just twenty minutes each time. Every session should be brief enough for your muscles to be positioned correctly but not for them to become reliant on it for your proper posture.

However, if you find that you experience more pain when wearing the brace, it’s recommended that you don’t wear it. Take note that you should expect some minor discomfort when wearing it initially. Your muscles will be pulled into a position that they aren’t accustomed to.

Once you have retrained your body for good posture, you’ll not need to wear it again.

Why do people want to wear a back brace?

Although having a good posture looks so much better on a person, getting your body into alignment is not just about looks. As the years pass and we become older, poor posture can get worse. People tend to be more hunched over, and this can impact the health of the body. A back brace can do a lot to help before issues become rooted.

It’s typical for women to suffer more with bad posture than men. They will typically sit at a desk performing a sedentary job. Being secretary or providing office administration work means less physical movement. Pregnancy and nursing children can also affect posture. This is at the heart of why women often need a back brace. 

man sat at a desk with back brace

The trouble with sitting for long periods is that it does not help physical appearance or posture.

Women are also expected by society to always look attractive. Wearing a back brace can help their appearance by teaching their body how to stand or sit with better posture.

Women who are overweight can also find a back brace to be helpful. It uses more calories to sit up straight than it does to slouch over. Putting in this extra effort can help with weight management. The less weight a woman carries, the less strain she has on her neck and back. Taking regular exercise helps to keep the body and muscles healthy and supportive.

Exercise can also help good posture

In addition to wearing a back brace, following an exercise program to support weight loss help. Walking, jogging, aerobics or weights can all help with weight loss. Exercise can also strengthen the muscles that support good posture.

Along with any other user of this device, continually wearing a back brace is not recommended. It wouldn’t be beneficial or appropriate to wear it all day. The wearing of a back brace for a short period time is enough to retrain the body.

Surprisingly wearing the back brace for long periods can retrain the body to get into the habit of slouching.

 Whatever your reason for wearing a back brace is, you should be more than satisfied with the results. It’s affordable, and it works! Whether you have back pain or you just want to improve your posture. If you just want to try it before you commit, you can try one from us.

Give it a go today. You’ve got nothing to lose – apart from that terrible posture!

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Make today the day you buy a back brace and get back to your life!